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Taian held emergency drills of fire accidents


In order to enhance staff awareness of fire safety, fire safety skills to master, the afternoon of May 23rd, the Shanghai Taiwan group nip in the bud, the workers of the company's family held a 2016 fire knowledge training and emergency disposal exercises ", Shanghai labor model, group safety department deputy chief Comrade Liu Shaobing, the majority of employees to teach fire safety accident prevention and disposal of knowledge.
The personnel training coverage, the actual situation according to the waterproof company training content, both theory and practice, training speaker vice president Liu Shaobing in the lecture after the training, and led the staff to the production area, through the practical operation of the exercise form, improve employees' ability to resist and deal with the disposal of fire emergency, let staff master the performance, and the use of fire equipment fire fighting methods, improve the staff's awareness of fire, fire scene strain capacity and coordination capacity further, a complete success.

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