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Carry out the "two a" study and education of Party branch Taian


In order to strengthen the party building work of Tai'an group, carry out the "learning Constitution Party rules, learning series speech, do a qualified party" education activities, guide all Party members within the company firm ideals and beliefs, and enhance awareness of the overall situation, the afternoon of June 2nd, the group of all the members of the Party branch to carry out the "two a" learning education in the company conference room.
Taian group Party branch secretary Comrade Liu Shaobing led the party to learn, he is a model worker of Shanghai City, has a high political consciousness, at the start of the meeting to share his learning experience for everyone, urged all Party members to actively respond to the party organization, fully aware of the development significance of the "two a" learning education, effectively enhance the ideological consciousness and conscious action, and the company's party next education work arrangements.
Two learn to do ", is the party's three strict three special education, and an important practice of the Party Central Committee to deepen the party education; is an important measure to promote the education from the key minority members to expand and extend from centralized education to regular education; continue to strengthen the comprehensive is strictly, strengthen a good political environment is the practical needs; deepening ideological and political construction, guide the majority of Party members of the party has always been important to deploy highly consistent.
Taian all Party members to actively move closer to the party, earnestly study the party constitution and party rules, enhance the party spirit, in-depth learning series speech, profoundly understand the spiritual connotation, to become a qualified party member advanced. They take this as an opportunity to start learning education, copy the constitution, to the General Secretary Xi series of important speech mind, combined with the actual work, give full play to the exemplary role of Party members, and strive to make "two a" truly become a baptism of thinking all Party group Taian, Taian better achieve better vision "the good faith to future striving for a hundred years of brand".

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