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"2015 Shanghai waterproofing industry annual meeting" held


In November 16th, the "waterproofing industry for 2015 years in Shanghai city and the ninth China Shanghai building waterproof materials and construction technology seminar" held in Shanghai City, Oriental Sheshan Sofitel hotel. The meeting by the Shanghai City Chemical Building Materials Industry Association of building waterproofing materials and construction technology branch (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Construction Association waterproof branch) sponsored, Shanghai chemical construction waterproof Association branch president He Jiaxu presided over the meeting.
The meeting to enhance innovation as the theme, Shanghai construction, quality supervision and testing department leaders, industry association leaders, waterproof enterprises and a total of more than 200 media attended the meeting.
China Construction waterproofing association secretary general Miao Yan said at the meeting, said: this year the waterproof industry is relatively good, few industries can have such a good profit waterproof industry."
Shanghai city building waterproof Association branch secretary Fu Hui made at the meeting of the "2015 Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association of building waterproofing materials and construction technology branch work report" said, high quality products and fake products of non contradiction still restrict the development of the industry, the industry still has a long way to go to improve the quality of."
Shanghai City, urban and rural construction and Management Committee, Shanghai municipal construction engineering design document review management center director Pan Yanping points out, only innovation is the way, only innovation development, waterproof industry must adapt to the new normal requirements, keep up with the pace of development.
Shanghai Taian Industrial Group Co., Ltd. chief engineer Li Cuilian made the "new normal" of the new system of the theme of the speech, she said: "water in the new normal enterprises how to become successful in the transformation and upgrading of the exploration of the development direction of the enterprises. Similarly, Taian group also timely adjust their industrial structures to deal with the new normal construction industry. How to make their materials more reliable performance, construction more convenient, more environmentally friendly material is the core."
The conference aims to promote Shanghai city building waterproof material and waterproof construction quality product quality, promote industry self-regulation and healthy development, enhance mutual exchanges between the industry, meet the enterprise grasp the newest production technology and application demand, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, better services for city construction.

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