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The two leaders were invited to attend the sixth waterproof industry forum


The afternoon of June 24th, sponsored by the real world Home Furnishing network sixth waterproof industry forum held in Beijing, deputy chief Zhang Feng Taian, Taian Group Deputy General Li Cuilian Construction Engineering Company Limited, together were invited to participate, with industry professionals gathered together to discuss the housing leakage, waterproofing and other issues.
During the forum, the guests speak freely, discussed the problems of waterproofing industry, for the "insurance" into the waterproof industry concept, all agreed, and on how to measure the water quality, how to evaluate, the insurance company for compensation are discussed.
Two participants including Tai'an group leaders, are that the industry lowest bid down the extreme chaos industry profits, hindering the healthy development of the industry, appeal to everyone rational pursuit of cost-effective, to ensure that water quality and safety.
Taian Group Deputy General Li said, waterproof project of the introduction of the insurance mechanism is a means to an end, the more important is the enterprise self-discipline, to improve product quality, improve construction skills, Taian group began to do product liability insurance from 2004 this year, and we do the quality insurance products, has always been at the forefront of the industry in the future. Also the coalition government and the media forces to put pressure on part of awareness is not in place of the developers, causing social concern and attention, in order to promote generally improve the quality of waterproof engineering.
Deputy chief Zhang Feng Taian Engineering Co. Ltd. also said that to adhere to the "quality assurance standard, the basic principles of construction products, and strive to achieve the project is watertight, mainly depends on two aspects, one is the quality of the product, the two is the construction project. As one of the Taian waterproofing industry benchmarking enterprise group's products to ensure all qualified products, will not produce fake non-standard products, Taian's aim is to do a hundred years, as have a professional waterproof construction companies, Taian confidence, also has the responsibility to make the construction project leak.
Finally, the guests expressed their common aspirations: focus on quality, standardize construction, strengthen environmental protection, continuous innovation, to not leak, the ultimate goal of building safety, people feel at ease!

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