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  On 2009 Taiwan company and Tongji University School of materials science and engineering, polymer materials established “ water science and technology joint research and development center, the establishment of &ldquo and ” China Building Materials Science Research Institute of Suzhou Academy of waterproof materials waterproof; development and application of ”. Around the technical innovation and cooperation carried out a series of work.




 Since the Taian company employees for the enterprise precious wealth, set up personnel training, evaluation and incentive mechanism, we have an understanding of technology and management technology research and development team. Annual sales of 4% of the company as research and development costs to ensure that products meet customer needs and sustainable development. For example: environmental protection plastic modified asphalt waterproof coiled material, flame retardant, anti-aging type three EPDM waterproofing membrane, two-component polyurethane waterproofing coating with high strength, new product MAS composite waterproof system available, and the actual application.






Since 2006, the company in the technical innovation, new product development, independent intellectual property rights, participation in standards and other aspects have made new progress.

 State authorized patent 

 Has participated in the standard formulation and Implementation